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Cuitadella Cathedral, MenorcaCiutadella is situated on the west coast of Menorca and was, until the 18th century, the island's capital. Originally Founded by the Carthaginians, Ciutadella remains the religious centre of Menorca and features the island's magnificent cathedral situated in the Plaza de Pio Xll and which was completed in 1362 after taking over 50 years to build.

Cuitadella Port, MenorcaCiutadella is the second largest city in Menorca and has one of the smallest ports in the Mediterranean, with a charming mix of old fisherman's houses nestling among the many bustling bars and restaurants along the side of the port.  The best views of the harbour are to be gained from the main square, Plaza d'Es Born, which is dominated by an obelisk erected to commemorate the historic defence of the city from marauding Moors in 1558.

Cuitadella Port at nightOn one side of the square stands the old fortress of Cuitadella, which is now the Town hall, and on the other side the Palace Torre Saura.  An alley leads from the square into the heart of the old city.  From here you can meander through the pretty, narrow streets and marvel at the beautiful buildings and architecture.  It's well worth taking your time here as you wander through the tiny, winding streets and bustling plazas where you will find many examples of Cuitadella's ancient history.

When you need time to relax and take in the sights and sounds of this magnificent city, stop at one of the many bars and restaurants and maybe sample the local drink, pomada, a delicious (but heady!) mix of gin and lemon.

Fiesta de San Juan. MenorcaIf you are visiting Menorca in late June be sure not catch the spectacular Fiesta de San Juan where horsemen ride through the streets (and even some houses) demonstrating amazing riding feats to the masses who gather to join in the spectacle.  Be warned though, there is a lot of jostling for space as the revellers try to pat the horses which is thought to bring good luck!

Cuitadella is a place where time seems to have almost stood still.  It is a charming, secretive place that demands to be explored and is a must-do visit

on any trip to Menorca.


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