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Owners Club Menorca are LeakTronic Leak Detection Specialists and use Patented, state of the art, Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment developed by LeakTronics.  The methods we use are as minimally invasive as possible and we can find leaks in:

Is your swimming pool losing water?

If you  own a property in Menorca it is highly likely that the water you and your guests use is being metered by the water company.  If your property has a swimming pool it is vitally important to keep an eye on the water level in case of any leaks developing.  Just a tiny 1 mm hole in the pipe work or fabric of the pool could lose you up to 1000 litres a day, which you will obviously have to pay for and, as we all know, that won’t be cheap!.

Apart from the horrendous costs a water leak can incur, the water that is leaking from the swimming pool has to go somewhere and that somewhere will be the area around the pool which is supporting the ground for the swimming pool and the terracing around it.

If a swimming pool leak is not repaired quickly the effects could mean that the terracing around the pool could lose its bearing and the swimming pool itself could lose its grounding which would result in a tipping or lateral movement of the pool.  The cost of repairing such problems would far exceed the cost of locating and repairing the water leak itself.

If you know, or think your swimming pool could be losing water please contact us for advice on how we can help.  We are the only LeakTronic Swimming Pool Leak Detection Specialists in Menorca.

Call Martin on: (0034) 689 138 291